1 more day until halloween

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hey just wanted to remind u that theres only 1 more day until halloween party.

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!!.. The aniversite party is here..!! and more

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 the 2nd aniversity party its only for one day so u beter not miss it it brought us the 2nd anivversity hat and is located at the coffe shop second floor + the cake is 2 times bigger then last year there is a new book which contains all our memories of this year.

Igloo catalog secreats

1) Candelabra


3) Pipe organ

Halloween sneak peaks.

Halloween cathalog

2. Red Viking helmet.

3. Blue viking helmet. Open and close the redvikig helmet 3-4 times
4. Swim goggles

5. Red guitar

The pin is at the pet shop.

and last but not list the 2nd aniversity party

Last year..

this year



theres is a new cathalog that is the wig.

silver board. click the 2 thing on the botom then the pink board .

Secret stone igloo


Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo


Click all the words ’snow’ in the Catalog (there’s one or two pages that have two ’snow’s in them) And then click on the window of the Basic Igloo.



And remember all ew been waiting for the biggest party


enjoy and trik or treat

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cathalog pin ..

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..~welcome back..~

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Glitter Text GeneratorGlitter Text GeneratorGlitter Text Generator

the site has been closed for over

3 months but im back and my team mates to and were bringing cheats so u cna enjoy and have fun tomorrow the site will be officially opened and there will be a party in clubpenguin which i will post the dates later to celebrate the opening there will be a hallo party tv oarty dancing party beach party and much more stay tune and have fun… enjoy

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………the site has reopened……..

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hey the new furniture just camed out=p im loking for the cheats right now but i thoguht i could let u guys now enjoy… brb

the party the pin and much more

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the aloha party is here and it brought us some items first the pin is at the beacon the green duck is at the cove in the water  blue lei is at ski village the iglo click the marching band hat for the blue cape click the festive sombrero for the headphones and i been puting some pictures and more cheats later c ya and until then waddle on