clubpenguin H@ll0w33n contest and igloo contest

      Clubpenguin igloo contest and costume contest just dress up ur penguin with w.e u want go to ur igloo throw a picture and send it to my email

ill put them on the site and the people will deside who wins the winner will be posted on the main page and he/she can become one of the editors of the site if he/she wants to. you decide

voating= to vote when i put the pictures ill put them in numbers just say #1 #2 #3 ect at the end the one with the moust votes will stay and the other ones will be deleated there will be only one winner enjoy.


14 Responses to “clubpenguin H@ll0w33n contest and igloo contest”

  1. Akash Gheewala Says:

    I really want to become a free member of clubpenguin.So please reply this message as soon as possible.

  2. I would say james’s But ive been to alex’s and alex’s is the best

    Editors Comment: thanks

  3. Im a member…..Its fun bt everything same old same old…..nothing new happens except for parties.

  4. hot girl Says:

    cool and someone tell me there password and user

  5. i wana fuck my self cause im an idiot who likes to still accounts

  6. tell me how to be a free member

  7. yeah I want to be a real meber for free why won’t they let us for free be mebers!

  8. hello pplz i like cheese!!!!!!!!! and emely u suck!!!! sicko gross queen

  9. LilLaxLady16 Says:

    Hey I really want my sister to have a free member ship for her bday my parents wont let her so i want her to be able to have it!!!! so email me at


  11. assgutj sjlkdhgkrn fsdlk;ghs jsflkgn f

  12. hi !
    i like the game club penguin and my friends too they like it but it is boring because why we have to pay to be member . look i wanted to pay but my parents told me no so what i do ? so i wish and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese let the member free and i want you to chat with me if you like take my email : add me and i will chat with you so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese let the member free

  13. wot up people
    u bitches

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