sneak peak and cathalog

   hey  u guys kk  first in the throne click the word throne.

for the big screen tv

3rd but not least a sneak peak of how the migrator will look .

all for now.. waddle on and enjoy


10 Responses to “sneak peak and cathalog”

  1. i like clubpenguin

  2. blah blah blah
    do i look interested?

    then why u camed u bitch ( comented edited

  3. cum on get on wiv the moderation

  4. oh yer im the FRIST one

    why cant membership be FREE i have been looking for it all for 4 months

  5. And Its NOT FAIR

  6. :’-(
    Not Fair

  7. whats that stupidity

  8. bob the 3rd Says:

    shit holes il fuck your puny ass up

  9. bob the 3rd Says:

    u are fucked up moderators

    WADDLE ON!!!!

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