chek this pict out

  omg this is so weird lol i thought by the time i got on today everthing whats already done chek this pict out its was 7 almost 8 but nothing hapened now everybody is saying is going to be at noon some one em saying its going to be tomoorow well i have no idea lol 


8 Responses to “chek this pict out”

  1. 😉 :):(:(:)

  2. Hollagurll25 Says:


  3. Hollagurll25 Says:

    listen i assssssssssssssssssfyfyudhgzs

  4. Yo Yo was up i know a way TO SWIM AND GET TO PIRAT PUZZLE you just go on the ship and stay there tell thay move *MEAMBERS ONLY*

  5. Yo AWsome iTS ME PIPSTER good way girl yo yo bye*****And cool so i like 2 anwsers YA YA


    alex72494: ops thats bad im sry do u have problems with ….. u seem like u do

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