new coin hack (wpe pro doesnt work

IMPORTANT READ THIS sry u guys but ass u may see the video was to long so it couldnt be finish so heres the next part after u multiply ur score by 8 put it on cheat angine and click enter then only 1 thing will apeer in the thing at the left click it and then it will go down click it at the end and change the ammount to 100000 u can only put this not even 1 more 0 or nine or what ever only one 1 and five 0s then go back to clubpenguin waste all ur lives and u should ave more money note this isnt as good as wpe pro but its beter then nothing


7 Responses to “new coin hack (wpe pro doesnt work”

  1. sweet hack. it actually works. none of the of cheat engine 1s ever worked

    Editors Comment:thanks

  2. is the coin hack good

  3. coolkido98 Says:

    how do we get wpe pro alpha can you tell me?

    Gerard4: hey im gerard u might not now me im actually the one who makes he pages posts and im not the editor or alex72494 its just they went on vacation so im taking are of it now um geting wpe pro alpha geting it its hard i searched on google and it was imposible to get it wpe pro alpha was made by .. sry i cant tell but i can tell u this u might never get it the guy/girl who made it does not want to share it because clubpenguin will patch it = it will be like the normal wpe pro the guys from this site editor-alex72494-and me gerard4 tryed it once and its really hot it works we once were playing and we saw the guy using it since we use … somthing we tracked the program details and try to make 1 unfortunatly we could only use it once cause we didnt now we had to put a virus into it all hacking devices have 1 and we forgot that so after we all used it we were trying to use it aga clubpenguin found out and blocked it so we decided not to make another 1 because its really a hard work making it… so if u get to find it it might or may not be the original

  4. yeah how do u do it

  5. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!it works!!!!!!!!ive got 2000 coins in 2 rounds!!!its veryyyyyyyyyyyy good cheeat!!!!!!!!

  6. how do you get Cheat engin 5.3

  7. Travis Says:

    [scroll]Man I’ve done this literally 50 times and i have 50000 coins man THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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