The new mission

hey u guys the new mission came out and hers how to do it k first start the mission then talk to the guy that is just beside the door where the money disaperd hell say bla bla bla then go to the office room go right until u see a sofa try to see under it there like a disk take it and take the cliper as well then go left and u should see a computer  then use the disk on the computer and turn on the computer after that u will have like 3 options in the computer click the second and remember the code go back to the gift shop were the guy was tell him to close the door then tell him to open it again hell say he cant do it and u should look for the code now click on the door and put the code u got on the computer the first number should go on top the second at the right the third at the botom and the fourth at the left after that click to see inside ull notice that the money was there all long is on top after that tell the boy everybody makes misttakes ect then go to the hq using ur spy phone talk to gary and hell show u a video then keep talking to him and hell open a box for u now read all the keys using ur agent code and find the one that is for the roof is go back to the gift shop and go to office then to roof the door to the roof will be locked use the key with it and itll open after that go in then there like a drain and there are some white things on top of it pick them up then use ur cell phone then tools and use it on the powa box that is right beside were u find the hair or whatever when u open the box use the cliper on it all the light will go of now go back to the boy at the gift shop talk to him bla bla after that go to he hq talk to gary he will ask u for another favour say yes go to the boiler room and use ur flash light to see if ur a member use ur night vision googles the flash light can be obtain at the hq go to right of gary and u should find it beside some books k lets continue after that in the boiler room got left until u see the the fuse box then click it after that u shouls stat seing red and green things start clicking all of them until they all get green go back to gary and claim ur reward.


2 Responses to “The new mission”

  1. Yes! Thank you, I told all my friends about your website, and I somhow got an award that that siad I was the 10th person to finish in a small part of the magnet trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    alex72494:thank you

  2. Yo man im the first!!!! Im Kookie 2 and this site is weird but if u see me im kookie 2

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