igloo contest

   hey u guys im throing an iglo contest. this is how its going to work ur going to find an iglo its doesnt actually have to be urs cause i want non members to be in the contest to then ur going to throw a picture or go o google search for iglos then ur going to email me that picture to mybestfriend_72494@hotmail.com then ill make a new page that will be called igloo contest the judges will be all of u ill put the pictures in numbers then u comment and tell what picture u liked for example i liked number 1 i put #1 really simple then ill read all the comments and decide whos going to be the winner.

prices: the winner will get to  choose from packages 3 or 4 without being in my clan package3:geting lots of puffles(abailable to all player) (package#4)becoming a agent tour doesnt matter how old is ur penguin to all player) and thats it u can start sending the pictures now ull have to friday april 27 to send pictures thats all for now enjoy.


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