wad up well good news.

  as u now i been working on a solution to make free members members tht=at can buy stuf ect well i just achieved a part of it that its geting more then 2 puffles any puffle black what ever even if ur not a member (note for all this ur going to need the cp trainer if my solution comes right and i find the way ur going to need it as well) now lets keep up a cp triner is clubpenguin trainer for thse of u who dont understand k now first get the cp trainer log in then click hacks then CLICK ACCOUNT then cp member now ull be a clubpenguin member note u cant buy any items or be member clubpenguin staf have found this out and they have already fixed it thats why7 im working on a solution continuing after that click hacks again then game then player then coin hack get like 10000000000+ coins then go to the pet shop and buy all the pets u want after u log out ull stilll have then before u do all this put safe mode hack and enjoy.


19 Responses to “wad up well good news.”

  1. what if you don’t have a traineer

    Editors Comment:if u dont have cp trainer 2 then u cant do it

  2. tiki8788 Says:

    please let me be a member

  3. whats a trainer??

  4. ibraheem Says:

    i know how to become a member for free stay at the dojo for ten minutes and do nothing then ur a member

  5. Lavaster Says:

    The dojo hack doesn’t work anymore. Dear Club Penguin Staff: STOP DOING THIS TO US! IT IS TORTURE! I’ve got an idea- Tell all the penguins to NOT go to Club Penguin at all for about 3 or 2 days or so. Then we’ll see what happens. If there are any results, that is. Anyways, doesn’t CP trainer 2 crash your computer?
    Also, Please somebody tell us their member penguin. DON’T BAN THE MEMBER PENGUINS! The penguin MUST be CURRENTLY a member so far. Don’t worry about coins or clothing or anything, and don’t get into a fight with the igloo!! 🙂 This is Lavaster speaking. Thank you! Anybody know a credit card number? Wpe Pro and CP trainer 2 can harm your computer, weather it’s a Windows or a Mac.

  6. chuckerd Says:

    i really need 7 pets so how can i get them

  7. chuckerd give me ur username and pass and have enough coins 4 7 puffles ok. i will get u 7 puffles. my email iz nintendokid97@yahoo.com ok

  8. hello am i in your clan yet

  9. hello all i am saying is not 2 do the cheats you get banned forever but i must admit that the dojo 1 does work not any more now well email me at lindafastmail@yahoo.ie and i will make you a free member but i need your pass and name p.s i shall also get you 500 more coins a day with out cheating so you will not be banned well email me!

  10. wat doez moderation mean?

  11. bigtrex7 Says:

    i wanna become a free member

  12. angel83 Says:

    i wanna be a free member now!!!!!!!!!
    please some mahe me a member for free

  13. angel83 Says:

    i mean make me a free member

  14. i wanna be free member tell me somting

  15. Member wannabe Says:

    Make me a member I WANNA BE A MEMBER!!!!!!!!!
    OR just give me ur old member penguin.Mi names Pinkpepsi

  16. how do u get a cp traineer

  17. where do you get the cp trainer?

  18. hello,
    here is a good news!i kmow 2 get cp trainer!first go to google.co.in and type cp trainer2.then a page appears!in the first page click on file cart 0.2!then it will come download!it will take a minute to download!enjoy!

  19. hey cool membersihp

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