buy 1 item get all of them u need wpe pro (member cheat only.)

hey again another cheat from wep pro when a furniture comes out or something ge tin the page were ur going to buy 1 item go to wpe pro then choose the program ur using then press play buy the item  click ok go back to pro and stop get the package that is a sent package open a new internet and go to clubpenguinhq after that click data base type the name of the item u want and click submit then scroll down and itll say the id number go to wpe pro and in the last 3 numbers that is like %564% click on them and change them for the id number that clubpenguinhq gave u and ull have that item now keep changing the ids and get the hole furniture lol  is cool ight and like i now u dont understand so go here for a video and some ids


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