the best cheay ever best of the best

guys i just found out another mony cheat for this u have to download a program called wpe pro go to google and search for it there are many site do download it k this is the best cheat ever but theres one problem there ar emany people that are saying that it has a virus well it doesnt cause i dowload it and nothing hapened so here are the instrutions first u open it then u go cartsurfer stay on the start screm go to wpe pro and click the thing that says target program put the program ur using to play clubpenguin enternet explorer aol etc then press play go back to clubpenguin and start playing do one trick and waste all ur lives go back to wep pro and press the stop botom then a list should come up then go back to club penguin and click k were the score u got appers u click k then go back to wep pro and scrool down go to the one that is a sent package and at the en has like %8% right click it then click send another screen should apear at the end of all those numbers theres like %8% then at the botom says packet size in sise click it 3 times up the in the eight tipe 99999 i donot sugest for u to type more then 5 nines or u might get baned then press play and ull have all that mony for somecomputers u might can only make 999 just kepp pressing play nd ull get more and more. if u want to see a viddeo of how to do it go to  there is a video there or one more thing for some computers u can right click it try downloading it from another site.


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