tour guides

as u all now u have to be 45 days old to become a tour well i got bad news for some of u well many penguins think what the ?? who cares if i get baned well if u get baned u wont be able to become a tour or a secret agent in the news paper today february 15 somebody asked autn artic what would be the consequences of geting baned well she said if u get baned a lot of time ur accoutn wil be baned how much is a lot of times well its 4 times if u get baned 4 times ull be baned 4vr if u get baned 3 of 2 times ull lose some things like becoming agent or tour thats all for now chek out im going to put some things in spanish maybe some one doesnt understand be loking for it no english speakers. o yea and if ur stuck on something remember just email me. thats all for now[tour-dance.png]


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