secret agent undercover mission

if you are a secreat agent then do this mission its called find the missing puffles rewards are a golden puffle medal first go to the ice rink and look way to the left and pick up the photos then give em to aunt artic.
Now go to the pet shop and read the note on the dog house by using the morse code at the lower right of your screen. Go to the sport shop and answer his question, if you got the answer correctly, itll open the cabinet containing spy tools. Pick up the life preserver launcher to rescue the penguins at the ice berg then go back to the sport shop and grab the grapple hook. Now, go to the ski mountain and use your spy phone wrench to fix the broken telescopehe will let you to use his telescope after you fix it, use the telescope to look around until you see a flying green puffle. Go to the tallest mountain then use the grapple hook to get to the top. If you found the puffles, go back to Aunt Arctic and claim your reward


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  1. I already know that and there are no other comments so why put up a website when it is no fuckin use?

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